Dr. Bailey is a Certified Invisalign® Provider in Colorado Springs, CO!

Consider Invisalign to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted – without traditional braces.  Invisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, aligners that are much less noticeable than traditional braces. Invisalign is made with 3-D computer imaging technology and has been proven to be very effective with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment selection.  Clear aligners are nice because you can remove them to eat so you don’t have to feel like you can’t eat something. They can also be removed when you brush and floss your teeth so that your oral hygiene does not suffer while you are wearing braces.

A complimentary consultation with Dr. Bailey can determine if Invisalign is right for you. Give us a call today!

Click here to learn more about Invisalign:  http://www.invisalign.com